Air duct cleaning Rochester NY

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Dryer vent cleaning Rochester NY


It can happen when clothes are drying out faster than before causing lint accumulations on the ductwork behind dryer vents causing problems with airflow. In addition it can lead to massive fire hazards. The clothes dryer is a good option when cleaning the air in the vent, this will ensure that the clothes dryer is operating properly and effectively. FEMA recommends cleaning out your venting ducts each year.


Dryer vent cleaning facts

The U.S. government has released a list of fires involving home dryers. A report of about 2900 home clothes dryer fires is issued a year and causes a death toll of at least 5 people. The odor in a dryer causes 134 fire deaths a year in California. The majority of fires are reported during the winter and autumn seasons peaking in January. Sources. Federal Emergency Management Agency. –


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We have developed UV Lights that work by blocking airborne viruses, bacteria and mold in pure water and removing toxins from the air. It is usually installed on your ductwork above your air conditioning system and will prevent mold from getting on your cooling coils. Contact me today to schedule your personal evaluation!


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Air duct cleaners in Rochester

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More than just dryer vent cleaning and air duct cleaning

We offer additional services which include furnace cleaning, HVAC cleaning and duct cleaning.


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Does it cause dust buildup on your HVAC system? We can help you clean air ducts with ease and give you comfort! Using a high-performance machine can clean your environment efficiently and effectively eliminate decades of contaminants. In addition to the picture before you get the pictures, we can also show you the services you receive.



Why should I clean my air ducts?

The need for routine HVAC system cleaning increases as well as the need for fewer chemicals. Asthmatic patients and children are especially sensitive to poor air quality and are prone to allergies. Clean air pipes can help. It is very important to contact a Air Duct Repair Business in Rochester.


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