Rochester Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning your carpet with a regular vacuum cleaner is not enough. A regular vacuum cleaner can eliminate the dust particles that are present on the surface of your carpet but you will not be able to clean the particles that have been embedded inside the carpet fibers. Attempting to get rid of stains with regular “over-the-counter” cleaning products and/or rental machines are not only difficult, but can actually ruin your carpet. Most products contain harsh chemicals or bleaching agents that will permanently discolor your carpet. Home or rental machines lack the extraction power to sufficiently remove hidden soil and will leave behind a lot of undissolved shampoo which will cause your carpet to re-soil much faster. Additionally, the remaining soil in the carpet can be very abrasive and cause excessive wear in high traffic areas. Eventually the fibers will start to unravel and frey, releasing dust particles and fiber into the air. Relying on a professional Rochester NY carpet cleaner is an important part of your carpet maintenance. Most manufacturers recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year, and many warranties are void without doing so. Call Whole House Carpet Cleaning of Rochester NY, and we will care for your carpet as if it were our own.

Deep Hot Water Extraction by Whole House Carpet Cleaning


Our Carpet Cleaning Process
Step 1: Pre-Inspection
The pre-inspection is an important first step in the cleaning process, as it will allow us to properly determine the pre-cleaning condition of your carpet. We will do a thorough walk-though with you so you can inform us of your heaviest concerns and/or problem areas. This also gives us an opportunity to develop a proper plan for caring for your carpet. We will then inform you of any stains or conditions that may be permanent so there are no surprises once the cleaning is complete. Remember: not all stains can be removed completely.
Step 2: Pre-Condition & Pre-Spot Treatment
Your entire carpet will be treated with the appropriate cleaning solution for your carpet type and soil level, with special attention given to high traffic and problem areas. This will start to emulsify deep and trapped soil to make It easier to be extracted later in the cleaning process. Not even a small stain will escape our view, as we strive for perfection in our cleaning process. Remember: even with pre-spot treatment there are some spots/stains that cannot be removed completely.
Step 3: Sanitizing Treatment (optional)
This is a gentle, but powerful additive that is designed to eliminate germs, bacteria, fungus or organic waste. This is recommended for carpets that haven’t been cleaned within a year, or for those homes where pets are present, whether there were any ‘accidents’ or not. Allergy sufferers will also benefit from this treatment. And consistent with most of our cleaning solutions, this is also pet and kid friendly… and adults too!
Step 4: Pre-Groom
Depending on the soil level of your carpet, the carpet will be pre-groomed with a carpet groomer to further loosen traffic area soiling as well as help to groom the pile.
Step 5: Extract & Rinse
This is where the magic happens! We will then use high pressure water that is heated to about 190 degrees to blast away and dissolved soil and pathogens in its path, and rinse every fiber until it’s clean. Once the soil has been loosened, we then use high suction to extract it from your carpet. Every area we clean will be extracted several times to aid in the drying process. This step also improves the quality of the air in your living space by removing the pollens, pollutants, and dust mites, etc. from the carpet, making your home a safer place to be.
Step 6: Neutralize
We will then use a PH balanced product to ensure there is no residue left behind and to help protect against “wicking”, a condition where spots that have been embedded in the padding will resurface at a later date.
Step 7: Post Spot Treatment
If there are any spots that weren’t removed during the cleaning process, specialty-spotting techniques are employed after a thorough cleaning to get rid of all the stubborn spots that were not lifted. We will do the best we can to make sure every single spot is treated, utilizing the best of our knowledge and equipment.
Note: This excludes permanent stains that are identified in the pre-inspection part of the procedure.
Step 8: Carpet Protector (optional, but recommended)
Carpets that are protected with our premium carpet protector will resist future staining and soiling, but the biggest feature is increase performance and it will mitigate future traffic wear. Almost every carpet manufacturer strongly recommends the application of a post cleaning protector.
Step 9: Post Inspection
After we are through with the job, we will do a final walk through with you to ensure your satisfaction as well as advise you of any areas of concern discovered while we were cleaning.