Professional Mattress Steam Cleaning

There’s no better feeling than returning to your bed; however, you may not be alone. If you have not had your mattress professionally cleaned in a while, it may be the home of millions of dust mites! The average mattress will double in weight every 10 years from dust mite infestation! These mites and their excrement can seriously put your health at risk. To remove these pesky critters from your bed, we recommend having your mattress cleaned at least once a year. With more than 20 years of experience in Rochester NY Mattress cleaning, you can be sure we give you the most thorough cleaning you’ve ever had. The benefits of our mattress cleaning include:

  • Elimination of dust mites
  • Removal of bed bugs
  • Increased comfort
  • Better sleep


Our mattress steam cleaning system is performed to highest industry standards, similar to our upholstery cleaning method, using the most cutting edge technology. Our standard cleaning process removes soil, bacteria and ‘most’ stains. Specialty stains can be removed at an additional cost due to the extra time necessary for extra treatment and cleaning. (I.E. red wine, mustard, ink, severe urine spots or other bodily fluids, and any acid dye based stains)

  1. Pre-Treatment: Application of a water based cleaning solution that breaks down and emulsifies embedded soil.
  2. Sanitizer: Application of an anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal Fabric Sanitizer.
  3. Agitation: Your entire mattress will be manually scrubbed with a coarse hair fabric brush to further loosen soil.
  4. Neutralize: A process that will restore your mattress to a neutral PH7.
  5. Rinse: We will then use high temperature water to flush out all soil, contaminants and any pre-treatment solutions used.
  6. Extract: A secondary powerful extration process to further remove and remaining soil and moisture to aid the in the drying process.

Drying time: Under normal conditions, your mattress should be dry and ready for regular use in about six (6) hours or less.