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The main objective of this website is to educate the community on how to maintain the highest standard of indoor air quality, provide valuable information on our green carpet cleaning processes for both residential and commercial properties.

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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is a great flooring choice for warmth and comfort;
however, it absorbs dirt, oils and bacteria, so it must be
professionally cleaned on a regular basis to increase health and

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Upholstery Cleaning

There’s nothing better than a family movie night on comfortable furniture; however, there are often the unavoidable food and drink spills. Our cleaning system will restore your furniture to look brand new!

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Mattress Cleaning

We spend approximately 1/3 of our lives in our beds. The combination of dead skin cells, sweat and dust mites can quickly create and unhealthy sleeping environment.

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Carpet Protection

After your carpets have been deep cleaned, the final step is our optional premium carpet protector. This will prevent against permanent staining and signs of traffic wear.

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For over twenty years, Whole House Carpet Cleaning has been providing first-rate Carpet, Area Rug, Upholstery and Mattress Cleaning Services in the Rochester New York area. Our professionally trained staff and environmentally friendly cleaning techniques has made us one of the best Carpet, Oriental Rug, Upholstery and Mattress Cleaning Companies in the industry. Have a truly hassle-free experience with our best deals: Whole House Special for only $299!* (call for size limitations) NO coupon needed, NO bait and switch, NO hidden charges; we simply provide you with the best possible cleaning at the lowest possible price giving you outstanding value. We can also customize a package if you don’t need your whole house cleaned!

Why hire a Carpet Cleaner to clean your entire house?

Carpets are a great asset to any home for aesthetics, comfort and keeping airborne pathogens to a minimum by acting as a filter. While it may be true that some rooms get soiled more rapidly than others from higher traffic, the other rooms are still affected by poor indoor air quality. How many times have you dusted“clean furniture” in a guest room that is only used a few times a year? When you clean a few rooms of carpet at a time, you are only partially solving your problem. It saves us time and labor costs to make one trip to your house, so we pass those savings on to you. Our Whole House Carpet Cleaning package makes it cost effective to clean every room in the house. And when you add our sanitizing package, you will also receive a FREE anti-allergen treatment for every room!

Award Winning Carpet Cleaning No Harsh Chemicals Just Controlled Steam and Soft Water

When you hire our carpet cleaners, you can be assured that we won’t use shampoo or harsh chemicals in our cleaning process. Most shampoos are ‘sticky’ and hard to rinse out and will actually cause your carpet to resoil faster between cleanings. We use non-toxic cleaning solutions that rinse clean with NO residue.

Safe for the Environment

Our 6-step process uses safe cleaning solutions, controlled heat, steam and soft water to cut through soil and grease. Add our Eco-Friendly sanitizer to eliminate up to 99% of bacteria. Your carpet is cleaned all the way to the base of the fiber to effectively remove all the dry soil that has permeated the fibers. This dry soil is like sandpaper and over time will cause your carpet to ‘wear out’ in the higher traffic areas, a condition that is irreversible. The hot water extraction method is the preferred carpet cleaning method recommended by most carpet manufacturers.

Safe Carpet Cleaning Service for Your Family and Pets

Environmental studies indicate that indoor air quality can actually be significantly worse than outdoor air quality. Carpets are great because they don’t allow particulate matter, dirt, dust and other harmful bacteria to become airborne. It is similar to a large filter throughout your entire house. This is why it’s important to regularly vacuum. After extended periods of time, your ‘filter’ aka carpet, becomes full making it hard for your vacuum to fully extract all the particulate matter, allowing harmful pathogens to become airborne. Breathing contaminated air can be especially harmful to babies, elders, pets and people with respiratory and allergy issues. Hence the importance of regular professional carpet cleaning. Most manufacturers recommend having your carpets cleaned at least once a year; however, it’s best to clean your higher traffic areas, such as family rooms, playrooms, stairs and hall, every 6 months.

Professional Courteous Carpet Cleaning Near Rochester

When performing Rochester NY Carpet Cleaning, we pride ourselves in not only great performance, but excellent customer service! Whether the job is small or large, residential or commercial, our professionals will provide the best and highest level of service on each project.

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